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Books Every Pastor Should Read (John Miller)

In June, I attended the Calvary Chapel Senior Pastors Conference in Southern California. One of the little gems that I came away with was a little booklet entitles, “The Top New Testament Commentaries: Books Every Pastor Should Read”. It was compiled by John Miller, pastor of Calvary Chapel San Bernadino. I had heard from a pastor friend of mine that John knew and could recommend some of the best and sometimes, not very well known, Bible commentaries.

Reading books is a great way to learn. It’s like spending time with someone whom God has used in great ways and learning from them.

One of my favorite things to know, is what books certain pastors recommend reading. Give me that list!

Here is a link to a different resource that he has compiled called Books Every Pastor Should Read. Imagine you were to ask many pastors what are the top five books that a pastor read and then put all of their answers in one place. Here it is.

May you be challenged and encouraged to grow closer to Jesus!

Thanks, Pastor John, for putting this together!


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I've got a great wife and three amazing kids. I have the joy of serving Jesus as pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Oakville, Ontario.

One response to “Books Every Pastor Should Read (John Miller)

  1. Jim Goodman ⋅

    Nice list thanks for posting this – read most of those and great to see some of my favorite CC pastors recommend some of the same books I have recommended over the years.

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